wave sculptures

These small organic pieces are all mounted to driftwood and recycled wood with epoxy. They are all made of porcelain and represent different chemical compositions of glazes. Originally beginning as test tiles, I realized the beautiful composition these forms made when assembled together. They represent my learning, experimentation, time and knowledge about glazing; a love hate relationship that all potters face

Towards the bottom is a collection of images that were exhibited in the Macy Gallery at Columbia University in 2015. This wave triptych can be arranged depending on the museum curators discretion. For this installation the curator chose to arrange the work as if the water was falling or running down stream.  These panels are each 4 feet by 1 1/2 feet. 

Aside from the triptych exhibition, this work has been exhibited in individual form as seen on the pedestal. This work was also exhibited in Macy Gallery in New York City in 2014.