Speckled Wave Pottery

Speckled Pottery

This work was made especially for a MakeShiftMakersMarket at Bang The Drum Brewery in San Luis Obispo, California. So inspired by the California landscape and backdrop has created trends in my work. Here I am exploring the Cone 5 Speckled Buff Laguna Clay body in compliment with the ocean colors. 

I intentionally left areas of the clay exposed so that the viewer who would pick up this item would not only see the contrast but also texturally feel it. Additionally, I am in love with the feeling of the clay when it is unprocessed and unglazed. The earthy and stone like quality creates a unique moment that is not often felt with functional ceramic wares. 

The colors are inspired as I mentioned above by the Central Coast of California. The water, the beach, sea glass, crashing waves, sand and so much more. I wanted to capture the moment the waves crash on the sand and the colors and textures that are created from that.