Below are two examples of lessons I completed with middle school students. They demonstrate multi scaffolded lessons, and also a collaborative project.

Bookbinding ourselves

An individualized paper sculpture exploration

For this lesson we looked at how paper and books can be bound in different ways. The objective was that students with learned that they can explore unconventional notions of themselves through binding paper just like a book. They were asked to question what ways can they shape materials to best represent themselves in a creative way. They consciously thought about what shape, size, medium and length the book would be based on their specific concept. Some used actual books, and others constructed from scratch using found objects and other materials. The lesson that preceded this one was a paper making lesson, marbleizing session and a book binding lesson (which we can see to the right). Giving them the tools to be able to decide which way they would approach their individualized project

Designing a deck of cards

Collaborative Class project through printmaking

For this lesson students explore the different types of printmaking. We use press, hand printing, wood block, linoleum, and collagraphic techniques. In this collaborative lesson students were assigned a certain amount of cards out of a deck of 52. It roughly average that each student was assigned three cards. Students were then asked to re-design the cards that they had received. They first sketched these cards, and planned them in their sketchbooks and then we went to the printing process. Students printed multiple versions of their cards enough so that every student in the class could have one. This meant that each student left the class with an entire deck of cards that was made by the entire class. This lesson showed students how to work together towards a common goal. In the images you can see the class set that was created. At the bottom of the images are the printmaking mediums they used to create these works.